The Global CME Impact Award is supported in partnership by Global Education Group (Global) and Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME)

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Global Education Group
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Global Education Group (Global)

Global’s mission is to design, implement, manage, and measure the healthcare effect of continuing education initiatives that promote clinical competence and performance improvement. Our focus is to provide effective collaboration and CME/CE intelligence to grow results for partners, practitioners, and patients. Global’s strategic alliances with more than 20 distinguished academic centers, professional societies, medical education companies, and other organizations ensure independence, performance, and continuous improvement for learners.

Global Education Group

Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME)

GAME’s mission is to serve as the international organization of leaders advancing innovation and collaboration in CME/CPD worldwide, with the goal of improving patient care. GAME’s vision is to provide an international forum for medical education leaders to:

  • Network and exchange key ideas and information on global CME/CPD, shaping its future.
  • Collaborate with various organizations involved in education
  • Help raise standards of CME/CPD systems (in accreditation, distribution, content, etc.)
  • Examine how new media are being applied to the medical and consumer health education fields.
  • Gain knowledge of international CME/CPD systems.
  • Further global CME/CPD harmonization.

Global Alliance for Medical Education