By entering the Global CME Impact Award, you agree to our official rules and conditions.


It is clearly understood that in some cases, entries may include commercially sensitive information. Global and GAME reserve the right to publish descriptions and case studies of winning entries, but if an entrant asks for any part of their submission to remain confidential, it will be treated as such.


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Rules and Eligibility Criteria

The Global CME Impact Award judging committee is seeking proposals that illustrate best-in-class CME/CE initiatives that have provided healthcare professionals with up-to-date, clinically relevant, scientifically rigorous medical information while promoting excellence in all aspects of medical care and coordination, patient safety, and the effective use of resources.

The entry deadline has been extended to March 13th, 2018

  • A US$25 processing fee will be collected with each submission
  • Commercial Supporters cannot submit an activity for nomination.
  • All activities must have proof of accreditation, independence, and/or valid medical education recognition.
  • Only one application will be accepted per nominator or nominating organization.
  • Proof of CME / CE / CPD accreditation, independence and/or valid medical education recognition must be clearly stated on the activity front matter, website, or other promotional / marketing related materials
  • Programs submitted for the inaugural Global CME Impact Award are not eligible to be submitted again.
  • Activities must have concluded on or before December 31, 2017 OR if currently an active program, the program must have been active for a period of 1-year prior to submitting for the award.

Finalists will be announced the week of April 16, 2018. Award finalists will have the opportunity to attend the 2018 GAME annual meeting to present their award entry in the form of a poster board or similar deliverable at the award ceremony. The GAME judging committee will work with each applicant through this process to ensure deadlines are met.

2018 Award Criteria: Below are 6 new criteria that we’ll be looking for. If you have any questions about the criteria or definitions, please refer to the FAQ page

  • Innovation: Explain how your program was innovative. What was novel in the design, development, delivery of your project/program. Please explain the unique approach you designed and /or deployed.


  • Adult teaching methodologies: Describe the adult learning and teaching methods used for your project/program, and illustrate the learner experience.


  • Collaborative: Did your project/program engage other stakeholders in the design and development? Did you use collaborative teaching methods? If so, summarize the collaborative model, roles of each organization, or methods used and why they were important to the project.


  • Patient Engagement: Did your project/program focus on maximizing patient engagement in shared decision-making, self-management, provider-patient communication, etc? If yes, describe the model and impact patient engagement had in your project/program.


  • Educational Impact: Summarize the educational impact your project/program had on the learners. Did your project affect organizational, team, provider knowledge, skills or behavior changes? What were the metrics, desired, outcomes, did you meet or exceed your program objectives?. Preference will be given to proposals that clearly outline an evidence-based approach to designing CME that is more likely to improve physician performance and patient health outcomes using Moore et al., CME Framework or other models that measure change in knowledge, skills, behavior and performance.


  • Sustainability: Tell us how your project/program is sustainable for the learner.


PDF Packet Submission Requirements

The PDF packet must include the following sections, and the requirements for the packet must be met (Maximum of six pages, 1 inch margins on all sides, font size no smaller than 11 point Arial).

  • Program Details (Proof of Accreditation and/or Valid Medical Education Recognition, Accreditation Dates, Partner(s), Summary of the Design, Format, and Delivery).
  • Outcomes Measurement and Analysis.
  • Impact Rationale.
  • Supporting details.

*All decisions regarding eligibility for award submission are at the final discretion of the judging committee