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Judging Information

The judges of the Global CME Impact Award include GAME members from medical societies, commercial entities, medical education companies and professional organizations. Judges will be chosen because of their professional and wide-ranging level of expertise. Any judge who has a potential conflict of interest, including, but not restricted to, working for an organization that submitted that program and/or being involved with any aspect of the project, will be recused from judging that entry. All judges will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement that prohibits them from disclosing information from entry submissions.

There will be six judges for the Global CME Impact Award, and judges will receive recognition for their participation and time commitment.

Global Education Group staff members are not eligible to be judges and therefore Global will have no control or influence over the judging or awards selection.


After entries are submitted, the panel of judges will begin a thorough process that includes pre-scoring to select a top 10, subsequent deliberation and the ultimate decisions of the winner and honorable mentions. Points will be awarded in whole and half number increments only. Judges will use the following criteria for assessing and scoring the activity:

Criteria for Assessing the Program: 5 Points

  • Was the program innovative and engaging in nature?
  • Was the program progressive and forward-thinking?
  • Was the program an original and/or groundbreaking activity that utilized new methods of instruction or teaching?

Criteria for Assessing the Results of the Program: 20 Points

  • Are program outcomes presented?
  • Are the outcomes clearly demonstrated with appropriate learner data?
  • Is an outcomes analysis present?
  • How impactful is the outcomes analysis?

Criteria for Assessing the Program Impact: 25 Points

  • Evidence of Activity Impact: A clear description or demonstration of why this activity had the greatest impact and deserves recognition. Ultimately, the abstract should demonstrate how the activity made an impact on the healthcare industry, including but not limited to HCP performance, patient outcomes and community change for the better.

In the event of a tie, the score awarded for the “Evidence of Activity Impact” section will be used as a tie breaker.